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Who we Are

The Secret HR Society is a member referral-only society to evolve Human Resources and connect thought leaders globally. Founded in October 2015, Anna Ott and Hilary Klassen realized that we need to change the perception of Human Resources to become valuable partners in modern organizations.

Our aim is to establish a close network of peers via online and offline channels to share our knowledge, collaborate, step out of our comfort zone, test our ideas, and challenge and inspire each other as we create a better HR function.

Learn more about our founders, Anna Ott and Hilary Klassen on Linkedin.



Our Values


Respect: be open and create a trusted environment.

Collaborate: share knowledge and ideas.

Inspire: support each other’s ambitions.

Step out of comfort zone: try new ideas, tools, anything that might bring value.

Be active: contribute at least once a month via a channel.


We’re here to help each other in our day-to-day projects and strategic decisions. The Society is a network of like-minded and innovative HR people who inspire, support and encourage each other.
— Anna Ott

Networking Formats



Every 6-8 weeks, we'll meet in person, speak about current projects, share thoughts and network with other society members.



Whenever a society member has a specific topic that requires a more in-depth discussion and know-how sharing, we'll set up a small workshop session open for every member interested and familiar with the topic at hand.



This is our main communication platform where we share ideas, links, articles and everything HR related that might be interesting for the rest of the society. To make it less noisy, we've set up different channels for every important topic and it' amazing to see the power of our group know how when members post questions at get an immediate response.


To make our know how accessible and searchable we're currently setting up a closed blog for members-only. Here, we'll be able to secure our knowledge for everyone at hand so all of us can profit from collaborative HR wisdom.




To maintain a high-value, expert-driven community of innovative HR specialists, we decided towards a referral-based membership. If you're interested in joining our society and share your know-how with other HR experts, get in touch with you. An overall requirement will be that you have at least 3-5 years experience in HR functions and have proven to be a modern, innovative mind and willing to support our peer group.  

If you want to join the Secret HR Society, give us a shout out via this form!