Our Rules of Engagement

The Secret HR Society (SHRS) is a member referral-only society to evolve HR and recruitment. Founded in October 2015, Anna Ott and Hilary Klassen started to establish a close network of innovative HR experts via online and offline channels. Our aim is to allow HR experts to share their knowledge, collaborate, step out of their comfort zone, test ideas, and challenge and inspire each other as we create a better HR function. We focus mainly, but don't limit ourselves to members who are modern, innovative and share our approach to disrupt old fashioned HR approaches and thereby its recognition.

We therefore ask our members to contribute within our core values

  • Respect (be open and create a trusted environment)
  • Collaborate (share knowledge and ideas)
  • Inspire (support each other’s ambitions)
  • Step out of comfort zone (try new ideas, tools, anything that might bring value)
  • Be active (contribute at least once a month via a channel)

We don't tell you what to share, when or how. But we ask you to be a valuable member of the society by finding your individual communication channel, may it be slack, email or face-to-face and interact with other society members. Topics should evolve around anything HR and everything that shapes the development of modern Human Resources in fast growing industries and companies. 

The Power of our Society is build on a fast, high-quality exchange of ideas, questions and collaborative learning about new HR technologies, trends and approaches. It is also, naturally, a community where everyone can rely on the confidence, trust and professionalism of other members. 

Since we are open to freelancers, solo entrepreneurs and founders of HR driven companies, we kindly ask you to not use this society for sales and promotion. If any kind of business evolves through contacts within the society, we're cool as long as we don't get complaints about members trying to sell their services or products to others in a pushy way. 

 Be kind. Be open. Be professional.

And share your know-how so everyone of us can reshape HR wherever we work. 


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